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FAQ at 3100 West End Circle and 3102 West End Circle

  • chevron_rightHow do I sign up for Google Fiber Webpass internet service?
    In November 2020, Google Fiber Webpass became available in our condos. Note that Webpass includes internet only, and does not include a TV service. All you will need is a router and/or long ethernet cable.
    1. Go to www.webpass.net/nashville 
    2. Click "Check Availability"
    3. Next Screen - Enter Address
    4. Next Screen - Confirm your plan: Click "Webpass 1G" and "Continue"
    5. Next Screen - Enter Contact Info (Name, Phone, Email)
    6. You can sign up for month-to-month service, but if you commit to 12 months, you can receive a discount using Promo Code "WELCOME20" 
    7. Last Screen - Pick a free install date and time. Note that the Google Fiber technicians already have access to our telecom closets.
    8. Get your personal router ready for Google Fiber Webpass.
    If you have additional questions, email nokereke@google.com, text 615.863.1276, call 1-800-Webpass, or go online to webpass.net/nashville.
  • chevron_rightI need a new remote for the back gate. How can I get one?
    It is best to contact the board to see if there are any spares, since we try to buy in bulk every few years. Otherwise, contact Elantra Gate. We usually work with Sean or Charles in the service department. The replacement cost must be paid by the homeowner.
  • chevron_rightRental Policy: Is there a Tenant Transition Fee that is charged when a renter moves into the community?
    We have no prohibition against renting, either short-term or long-term. However, please notice that a $300 fee is due at the time a renter moves into the community. This took effect in 2010 and 2012 via Board Resolutions. See the "Tenant Transition Clarification Letter" document in the Owners' Docs section for more explanation.
    For this reason, short-term renting may be cost-prohibitive. It is important that we strictly enforce this fee because we have no maximum percentage of rented units written into our Master Deed. There also is a penalty of $50 if tenant transitions are not reported to the Board and management company. This fee is charged for each tenant change, regardless of rental length, unless the owner is the new tenant moving in, or returning to the unit.
    Also please ensure that the Board is contacted so that the keypads updated. We have optional blue moving pads for the elevator for anyone to use.
  • chevron_rightAre there penalties associated with an outstanding balance on my association account?
    Yes, we now have a $15 lump fee plus a 2% additional fee on outstanding balances that get applied every overdue month. The property manager may assess a handling fee as well. These policies and fees are in place to encourage timely payment of dues, previous penalties, and fees. Unpaid balances will be turned over to a collection service or attorney if it appears no effort will be made to bring an account to current.
    Please note that section 7b of the Master Deed describes the late fees which are permitted, and in fact technically allows an interest rate higher than 2%.
  • chevron_rightDo my association dues cover my utilities?
    No. The monthly association fees paid to the COA cover property management, master policy insurance, common area maintenance/repair/improvements, and other ongoing shared costs for the common areas (electricity, fire alarm monitoring, hallway/lobby housekeeping, landscaping, irrigation, etc.) only. 
    Each homeowner is responsible for in-unit utility costs separately. At a minimum, this will include electricity and water. No gas is present on-site or run to any condo units. For questions about your individual water and electricity accounts, contact Metro Water at 615-862-4600 or NES at 615-736-6900.
    Internet and TV service costs are not covered by the COA. Comcast and AT&T provide internet and TV services to many condos in the building and have installed equipment in our shared telecom closets. Google Webpass (internet service only) became available in our buildings in November 2020, and installation appointments can be arranged online: www.webpass.net/nashville
  • chevron_rightHow do I access my online account and pay my association dues online?
    Contact Jennifer Elam, our property manager at Metropolitan, at jennifer@mpmnashville.com
  • chevron_rightI need to use the elevator for a few hours for moving in/out. Do I need to reserve it?
    We don't have an official reservation system for the elevators since we are relatively small. However, we do recommend that you leave a note on the chalkboard in the garage lobby to let your neighbors know the date/time you will be using the elevator. We have optional elevator pads for anyone to use and we keep them in the janitor closet.
  • chevron_rightI will soon be moving in. What are the official procedures?
    We do not have formal move-in procedures, although it is important to contact the board so we can update our email roster and keypads. We have elevator pads as well, for anyone who would like to use them. Moving trucks or pods can be placed in the cul-de-sac on West End Circle for a reasonable amount of time. Please try not to block much of our front sidewalk if moving in through the front entrances. There also may be some room in the garages or back drive of the buildings that can be used temporarily as long as parking spots and traffic are not blocked.
  • chevron_rightThere is an error in my account balance. What do I do?
    If there appears to be an error, please gather check images and/or transaction details from your bank for the transactions in question, and email Jennifer Elam, our property manager at Metropolitan, at jennifer@mpmnashville.com.
  • chevron_rightWhat should I do if there is a problem with the building affecting my condo?
    Take pictures of the issue and email them to the board and/or the property manager. This will help us figure out what is going on, and it is important to clearly document the symptoms of the issue so the source can be identified. If the problem originates with a common element, or limited common element, as defined in our Master Deed, the COA may be obligated to cover the repair cost or reimburse the repair cost if a homeowner pays out of pocket. If access to a homeowner's condo is needed to perform repairs, we have found that it is easiest for the homeowner to coordinate dates/times directly with the contractor.
    Issues will come up from time to time during the normal functioning of a building. We try to get problems addressed with thoughtful, cost-effective solutions and anticipate some general repair costs in our budget every year. Preventative maintenance for all building elements is very important and we plan for such maintenance months in advance in order to minimize surprise repair needs.
  • chevron_rightWho is the property manager?
    As of January 1, 2019, we use Metropolitan Property Management. We try to run an efficient association and have found that it is best for the board members to stay in touch regularly with the property manager, homeowners, and tenants.
  • chevron_rightWhen does our dumpster get emptied?
    As of July 2021, it appears that we are on the purple route, which means Metro will pick up our dumpster ever Thursday. But occasionally it seems that Wednesday night or Tuesday night a pickup will occur instead of Thursday. If there is anything blocking the dumpster (cars, trash, furniture), the driver will skip us for the week. Note that our dumpster is technically a private dumpster (we own it) but Metro services it and we pay a small fee for a trash permit. Metro does not provide curbside recycling pickup services for us.
    The public works site is the best way to keep up with Metro's pickup schedule and to find local recycling dropoff sites.
    The Metro Hub request site is a good way to report missed pickups.
    With the latest efforts to create a new Department of Transportation in Nashville, this information could change if the trash services are affected by departmental reorganizations.
  • chevron_rightHow do I obtain extra keys? What if my keys are lost?
    For new homeowners and new tenants, you must get the original keys (condo unit, building key, mailbox key, garage remote) from the previous owner or current landlord, respectively. The COA does not provide these items. Replacements are the individual homeowner's responsibility.
    If the mailbox key is lost, a replacement must be obtained from USPS. The COA has no key to the mail facilities. 
  • chevron_rightWho is the contact for maintenance or repair requests?
    For common areas (the lobby, hallways, stairwells, exterior of the building, landscaping, parking gates, grill, etc.) please contact the board so that we can find a cost-effective solution and keep track of issues. For in-unit items, we keep a list of recommended vendors in the garage lobby, but ultimately those types of issues fall upon the individual homeowner.
  • chevron_rightI am a homeowner and disagree with a policy or fee. What can I do?
    This is totally understandable and part of living in a community. We have official Bylaws and a Master Deed (with amendments) that dictate how our COA must be run--basically as a small democracy. These documents include details on how to call a COA meeting without the board, how many votes are needed to amend the Master Deed, the rights and responsibilities of homeowners and board members, how to remove board members, and even how to dissolve the COA altogether. All homeowners have the right to pursue changes to the COA policies and fees according to those procedures, and of course to enlist personal attorneys.
    There are also two guidance documents in the Owners' Docs section that help explain why certain policies are the way they are.
    Please be sure to read our mass emails, review the Master Deed, amendments, and Bylaws, and please attend the annual COA meetings. Other homeowners may have the same opinions and there may be room for new amendments and revisions to how we operate. Things can be changed but it takes active participation and some level of consensus.
  • chevron_rightIs there a pet policy?
    We have discussed a small monthly pet fee in the past but nothing has materialized, so at this point we have no policy regarding pets. We do have a strict spill/mess cleanup policy with a $125 penalty that took effect August 2016. Please be a good neighbor and always be mindful of your pet(s).
  • chevron_rightMy cable/internet provider needs to access the telecom closet. How do I arrange that?
    Email the COA board. We have a key to the telecom closet in both the Ruby May and Artie Lee buildings and are happy to open the door for the technicians if given 24 hours notice.
  • chevron_rightSince each condo unit only has one assigned parking space, what are the rules for second vehicles?
    We have about 12 or 14 visitor spaces in the garages, by the Ruby May retaining wall, and next to the alley dumpster. We’ve never had a problem with these spaces getting filled up, so we have a first-come first-serve policy on unmarked parking spaces.
    Please note that the West End Circle parallel spaces have a 2-hour limit that the meter maids seem to enforce regularly. Please do not park in the spaces of neighboring residences or businesses.
  • chevron_rightWhat are the rules about decorations or storage directly outside the unit front doors, on the balconies, and in parking spaces?
    Technically, according to a board resolution from a few years back, nothing whatsoever is allowed. But over the last few years we have been lenient with regard to that resolution. We can change the rules, but currently the informal guidelines we have used are as follows:
    Outside unit front doors: Reasonably-sized items which are decorative or functional in nature are permitted (for example, but not limited to: small tables, holiday decorations, placemats, small spiritual displays, etc.). Storage of all other items (trash, toys, strollers, bikes, etc.) is not permitted.
    On balconies: Reasonably-sized items which are decorative or functional in nature are permitted (for example, but not limited to: small patio furniture, plants, sports flags, outdoor rugs, etc.) Storage of all other items (laundry, toys, strollers, bikes, etc.) is not permitted.
    In garage spaces: Technically nothing is permitted and it looks best if everyone has a clear space. But if you do choose to leave items out, please know that theft is a possibility, even though we have a security camera system.
    Please note that the common area closets are for the storage only of our common equipment and supplies.
  • chevron_rightWhat is the official name of the COA and how are there two buildings in it?
    The name of our COA is officially "3102 West End Circle Condominium Owners Association." There were two phases to the overall construction project.
    It was first created and incorporated in 2005 as the Artie Lee building (physical address of 3102 West End Circle, comprising phase 1 of the overall project) was being constructed.
    In 2007, when the Ruby May building (physical address of 3100 West End Circle, comprising phase 2 of the overall project) was completed, the original COA documents from 2005 were amended to include that building. 
    So we are one property with two buildings, a shared courtyard, incorporated into "3102 West End Circle Condominium Owners Association," even though the Ruby May building has a different address. 
    Please do not confuse us with 3100 West End Avenue and 3102 West End Avenue. Those are large office buildings across the street from us. We are at West End Circle.
  • chevron_rightWhat if I need new window screens? Who provides that?
    Since window screens do not meet the definitions of Limited Common Element nor Common Element per our Master Deed, the individual homeowner is responsible. We sometimes have spares in the utility closets which any homeowner is free to take.
  • chevron_rightDoes the COA take care of pest and insect control?
    We have a vendor that applies treatments to the exterior site once a month. We do not regularly apply any indoor treatments, but for this reason it is very important for all of us to keep common areas and the condo units dry and clean.
  • chevron_rightHow do I set up automatic drafting for my association dues?
    Download the form in the Owners' Documents section of this website, fill it out, and email a scanned copy to the email address on the form.  If you are not sure of your monthly fees, email the Board.
  • chevron_rightWho provides the association's insurance?
    Our Master Policy is currently with HB Cowan and State Auto as of October 23, 2016. If you have any questions concerning coverage please contact Brad McGee at HB Cowan: bmcgee@hbcowan.com. Owners have online access to our current certificate of insurance for 2020-21 in our Owners' Documents section. Note that contents insurance is the responsibility of each owner and now has required coverage minimums by our Master Deed amendment.
  • chevron_rightHow do I pay my association dues by regular check?
    Contact Jennifer Elam, our property manager at Metropolitan, at jennifer@mpmnashville.com.
  • chevron_rightIs there an Owner Transition Fee that is charged when a unit is sold?
    Yes, a $300 fee is due at the time a new owner moves into the community. This took effect in 2012 via Board Resolution, which is available in the Owners' Documents section. Also please ensure that the Board is contacted so that we can keep our records updated.
  • chevron_rightHow can I change my name or entry code in the intercom system?
    To request a modification to the name and/or code on our keypads, use the Contact Board page to submit the information you would like programmed. Please also note the building and unit number for which the code will be used, and the previous code and name that will be replaced.
  • chevron_rightAre small grills allowed on the balconies?
    It depends. We follow Metro Nashville rules per the Fire Marshal. Please contact the Fire Marshal for the latest requirements: https://www.nashville.gov/News-Media/News-Article/ID/3499/Backyard-Fire-Pits-Legal-in-Nashville.aspx
    "Portable fireplaces and grills are NOT allowed on porches and decks at multi-family homes such as condos and apartments."
  • chevron_rightWhat benefits are there to serving on the board?
    The board positions (President, VP, and Treasurer) are entirely voluntary and the people serving in those roles receive no salary and no discount on dues. That has been the policy since the origin of our buildings and can only be changed via an amendment vote receiving 2/3 support of homeowners. Board members must live on the property while serving.
  • chevron_rightAre there bicycle racks on the property?
    Yes, we have one small rack below the west Artie Lee stairwell. If there is enough interest we can add additional racks. Please ensure that your bike is always locked up.
  • chevron_rightCan I reserve the courtyard grill for an event?
    We don't have an official reservation system and encourage neighbors to try to accommodate others who might want to share the courtyard. We can arrange for reservations via our Upcoming Events postings if necessary. Please also be mindful of noise in the courtyard after 9:00 pm.
  • chevron_rightDoes the COA own any equipment or supplies for anyone to use?
    Yes, we own the following items for any COA member or tenant to use. Locations may vary over time. Please always be sure to return/replace when borrowing:
    Rolling push-carts (300 pound limit) (stairwell, bottom floor, each building)
    Salt spreader (in Ruby May sprinkler closet)
    Salt (in Ruby May sprinkler closet)
    Steel coil drain snake (in Ruby May sprinkler closet)
    8 foot ladder (in Artie Lee janitor closet)
    Wet-vac (in Ruby May sprinkler closet)
    Shovel (in Ruby May sprinkler closet)
    Corrugated plastic tubing (in Artie Lee janitor closet)
    Sprinkler head covers (in Artie Lee janitor closet and Ruby May janitor closet)
    Extra white paint, tile, pieces of hardwood (several locations)
    Window screens (Artie Lee telecom closet)
    Extension cord (Ruby May janitor closet)
    Quick-absorb powder for spills (12 pounds, Ruby May janitor closet)
    Broom (Ruby May telecom closet)
    Note: please do not take any HVAC filters sitting in the common storage areas. Those are for the common HVAC systems only.