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Takes2Fitness and Eat Well Nashville have generously offered us a neighborhood membership discount. See the Owners' Docs section for more info.
Board elections were in November 2016 at our annual owners' meeting. The next election will be in 2018. Google Fiber was installed January 2017.
Recent upgrades: Concrete floor refinishing and hallway repainting. Garages and the courtyard were pressure-washed in May 2017.
We are preparing to replace common area flooring in the next few months.
Other news:
  • New grocery store Fresh Market coming to White Bridge Road
  • Worth a look: Nashville Next plans for West Nashville, including our area
  • Please familiarize yourself with EPA HVAC resources (especially Energy Star) if you are replacing or repairing your HVAC unit.
  • Pye Barker came on-site and held a Fire Sprinkler Education talk to educate our residents on how to prevent sprinkler accidents. Please be careful with your sprinkler heads!